Floortime, all the time! Using the DIR Floortime Model to Support Your Child's Social and Emotional Development.

Provided by Marla Davis


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Ages 0-12

30 Minutes

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DIR (Developmental, Individual-differences, & Relationship-based model) is a framework for understanding human development and highlights the important role of social-emotional development on overall human development. It also provides a framework for understanding how each person individually perceives and interacts with the world differently. DIR Floortime focuses on building relationships through developmentally appropriate activities that respect your child's individual differences. We will talk briefly about the model, and then talk about some of the easy to incorporate strategies associated with this model so that you can start to use them right away!

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Doctorate of Occupational Therapy, Board Certified in Occupational Therapy through NBCOT, Licensed in Pennsylvania, DIR Floortime- Basic Provider.

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