Talk to an Occupational Therapist about Toilet Training Your Child with a Development Delay

Discuss with an experienced occupational therapist about potty training your child who has developmental delays

1:1 Appointment
Ages 0-5
30 Minutes

Next Available: May 24, 2024 9:00 p.m.

Product Description

If your child has a developmental delay, it is best to toilet train one step at a time. Don’t expect your child to learn to signal or announce their need to go, pull down their pants, use the potty, wipe their bottom, and wash their hands all at once, as their peers might. Toilet training will work best if you focus on the actual act of peeing and pooping first and address the other skills later. It is more important to keep them motivated than to achieve instant success.

Discuss your child’s unique situation by setting up a 30-minute session with an occupational therapist professional trained to help parents handle your child’s unique needs.

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