An OT Helps Your Child with Sensory Processing Skills

Provided by Jessica Glenbocki

I will work with you to get your questions answered & guide you to help your child with self-help and sensory processing skills.



Ages 4-23

30 Minutes

Next Available: 10/08/2022 11:00 a.m.

Product Description

Let’s get your questions answered. Whether you’re new to OT or your child has been receiving services, my experience will help answer your questions. During our time together, please provide me with your child’s age and any pertinent medical information. I will then be able to guide you regarding helping your child with self-help and sensory processing skills.

Badges Earned

1:1 Consults

Occupational Therapist




Master of Occupational Therapy from Cleveland State University, Certification in Sensory Integration, Certification in Interactive Metronome

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