Augment Therapy

physical therapy

Interactive Therapeutic Exercise Software for Pediatric Providers

1:1 Consults

Years of Experience


Age Ranges

Adult age (23+)

Preschool (4 - 5)

Pre-teen (6 - 12)

Transition (18 - 23)

Teen (13 - 19)



Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Spina Bifida

Brain Injury

Expertise Areas

Intellectual Disability

Learning Disability

Neurological Issues

Physical Challenges


Designed by a pediatric physical therapist, Augment Therapy lets you focus on therapy, while kids remain engaged in a fun, entertaining environment. Step count, repetitions, and other metrics are collected behind the scenes, with no wearable sensors required! Whether you’re looking to do live therapy sessions in-clinic or via tele-health, or hoping to better monitor home exercise programs, Augment Therapy is here to help!


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