Suzanne Shaft

special needs advocacy
parent mentors

I am a mom of children with Autism and other special needs, and I’ve been advocating for 18y and it would be my pleasure to help you

Experienced parent
1:1 Consults


Continued growth for your special needs adult (30 minutes)

I can help you brainstorm some fun ways you can stimulate your adult child's continued engagement, growth, and learning.


IEP/School Advocacy Help (30 minutes)

I will help you with the IEP process, preparing for meetings and how to maintain a positive relationship with the schools, to get your child everything they need to succeed.


Let's talk about you (30 minutes)

Having raised two boys with autism, I have been in your shoes before. As a parent mentor, I'm here whether you need to vent or talk about IEPs, seizures, puberty issues, transition, or guardianship, I am here to help you. Let's talk!


Text or video chat with Suzanne (30 minutes)

I have 20+ years of parenting experience raising my two boys on the autism spectrum. My areas of expertise include, getting a diagnosis, second opinion, disability planning, IEPs, seizures and mental health. I am here to support you along your journey to be the best parent you can be to your child.


Years of Experience


Age Ranges

Early intervention (0 - 3)

Preschool (4 - 5)

Pre-teen (6 - 12)

Teen (13 - 19)

Transition (18 - 23)

Adult age (23+)

Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Expertise Areas

Behavioral Health Issues

Communication Issues

Digestive issues


Genetic Conditions

Harmful Behavioral Issues

Learning Disability

Mental Health Issues

Metabolic Issues

Mild Behavioral Issues

Neurological Issues

Physical Challenges

Sensory Issues

Sleep Issues

Social Issues

Toileting or Hygiene Problems


Autoimmune Conditions

Anticonvulsant Drug Therapy

Anti-hyperactive Drug Therapy

Caregiver Sentiment


Developmental Delay


Financial and Legal Issues

Patient or Caregiver Support

Puberty or Sexual Issues



Autism is not a one-size fits all condition. It is often said that if you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism. What works for one person may not work for another; what works one time may not work the next time. That’s why it’s beneficial to have options…to fill up your toolbox with different plans to meet the next challenge. I am a mom of children with Autism and other special needs, and I’ve been advocating for them for over 18 years. I’ve learned a lot through this journey, and I’d like to share what I have learned with you. There’s a lot of new language to learn, a lot of specialists and therapists that you’ll encounter, so many meetings to attend (IEPs, IFSPs, etc.), and a lot of other medical conditions that can go along with Autism. It can be overwhelming to navigate all of this – and you don’t get an instruction manual with your special needs child that tells you what steps you need to take and when. That’s where I can help.


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