Nancy Dixon

Nancy Dixon

physical therapy

I am an experienced pediatric physical therapist. I love working with children, especially babies and I want to help children of all ages.

1:1 Consults
1:1 Consults


Ask me about PT

Let's get your questions answered. Whether you're new to PT or your child has been receiving services, my experience will help answer your question.


Nancy's PT Support Group

This support group is a place where we discuss all topics related to pediatric PT. A place to connect with other families and share ideas.


Pediatric Physical Therapy Session

Based on your concerns I will provide strategies and activities to improve your child's skills. For Arizona Residents Only.


Toe Walking

Need Strategies to decrease toe walking? Let's chat!


Tummy Time

Need strategies to help your baby tolerate tummy time? Let's chat!


Years of Experience


Age Ranges

Early intervention (0 - 3)

Preschool (4 - 5)

Pre-teen (6 - 12)

Teen (13 - 19)

Transition (18 - 23)

Adult age (23+)



Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Intellectual Disability

Brain Injury

Spina Bifida

Down Syndrome

Expertise Areas

Developmental Delay

Intellectual Disability

Physical Challenges




Mild Behavioral Issues

Neurological Issues

Patient or Caregiver Support

Product Recommendations


I'm a Physical Therapist with many years of experience working with children with special needs. I've worked with children in many settings including home-based, schools, and clinics as well as Early Intervention. I currently work in a school district. I became a PT based on my own experience--I was in a motor vehicle accident when I was in high school and my injuries required lots of rehabilitation. Although I've worked with many different populations, my passion has always been pediatrics! I'm originally from Boston, Massachusetts but always hated the cold weather and snow. In 1994, I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where I met my husband. He is also in the medical profession. We are both cat lovers so all of our children have paws. We've had many cats over the years, some with special needs. As of right now, we have three and they don't get along so there is always "Cat Drama"!!

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