special needs advocacy

We believe that potential, goals and dreams can be reached for all people, of all abilities... knowing that when we work and live together we all win!


Shari Hunter

I started the Two Foundation and the Two Cafe and Boutique to provide a fully integrated option for those entering the workforce. We are not a special place for special people but the real work place. This is all inspired by my son Derek! I am so blessed to have walked this journey with Derek by my side....he continues to teach me and inspire me to knock down walls and open new doors for all people of all abilities. I look forward to sharing our stories twogether!


Experience with Conditions

Down Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intellectual Disability

Brain Injury

Expertise Areas



Hope is the belief that things will be better in the future….we live as eternal optimists, knowing that our path and future is in God’s hands and that He loves us and has a plan and purpose for each and everyone of us…the belief that our lives are about more than just ourselves and that we are here to make the world a better place by sharing our gifts of kindness, love and respect for all we come into contact with. The knowledge that we are to be a light in this earth bringing peace, joy and grace to those we meet, love and serve. 2 Hope has been inspired by my three children who have taught me that all people of all abilities belong and have something very special to share. We believe that when we integrate we all win and when we segregate we all lose. 2 Hope is a movement of full integration for all people, of all abilities....


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