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special needs advocacy

We are good trouble gangsters on a child find mission to make sure that all means all when it comes to education. We know that we all belong.

1:1 Consults
Experienced parent


Advocating for Child - Legal Consult (20 minutes)

We are available for a 15-minute cup of black coffee (or a shot, if that's what you really need). You bring your own drink and we can meet virtually to answer any specific questions and help direct you to the next steps in your plan of action.


LawEsq! Parent Support Group

We talk about about our experiences in dealing with the school system. We help each other by sharing solutions that have worked for each other.


Years of Experience


Age Ranges

Teen (13 - 19)

Transition (18 - 23)

Adult age (23+)


JD (Doctor of Law)

Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intellectual Disability

Healthy Mind and Body

Down Syndrome

Behavioral Disorder

Brain Injury

Expertise Areas

Financial and Legal Issues

Intellectual Disability

Learning Disability

Patient or Caregiver Support



Sensory Impairment


LAWEsq! offers subject matter expert services, indirect and direct instruction in advocacy services for families and any individual or community activist who has questions about the pricey private school system, the sticky public school system, or the homeschool system filled with free from system restrictions pioneers. We like to think of LAWEsq! as a kind of accessible and reasonably low priced legal clinic operating out of a neighborhood coffee and grab a breakfast shop where you are surrounded by cool books and art and movies and where people of all ages and all walks of life want to hang around and support each another, and where we work side by side so that we can all grow and feel rooted in our neighborhoods. Our small but mighty gang of LAWEsq! optimistic advocates naturally attract a lot of brilliant and wonderful people from the deaf diaspora (a term coined by our founder, Lisa A. Weiss, Esq.(pronouns she or they). Lisa is a veteran juvenile, disability, and deaf rights attorney, a demonstrated school policy and special education expert, and a natural and highly skilled mediator. She is also the MODA (Mother of a Deaf Adult) of a pioneer Cued Speech family in Colorado who communicates flexibly (and sometimes confusingly) using a mixture of cued, signed, spoken, and written languages. Lisa is a fairly quiet but proud optimist who is supersensitive to noise and the sound of her own voice causing her to selectively mute herself. She is especially grateful to have people in her life who are able to voice for her while she cues or types for herself. Lisa was labeled as gifted as a young child and identifies herself as actually autistic after years of scrutinizing herself while reading thousands of educational and medical evaluations as a special education attorney. She sees each person with whom she works as a brilliant gem with a sensitive soul. Right now Lisa's focus is on navigating the school system and the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation with transition age youth and young adults (14-24 year olds) and people who are deaf or blind, but she really loves working with people of all ages. Lisa leads a diverse LAWEsq! gang of good troublemakers and true peacemakers, many of whom are learning or are already fluent in foreign, signed, and cued languages. Under her direct supervision and hands on instruction, the LAWEsq! gang learns from Lisa and her tight circle of kind hearted colleagues with a wide array of expertise. LAWEsq! offers private and small group sessions, instructional programming, ongoing mentorship and case management, and mediation services in blocks of time. LAWEsq! will also customize a flat free service plan for more complicated matters and always with respect for the needs and the resources of the individual and their support system. LAWEsq! gangsters are always in training and here to personally guide and and ride along with you through life's ebbs and flows. There is power in unity and access for all, LAW


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