Lisa a. W. Rudofsky @DISSENT

Special Education Policy Expert - Instruction in Self Advocacy - Mediation - Child-Focused School Policy Expert


Experienced parent

Age Ranges Served



JD (Doctor of Law)

Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brain Injury

Down Syndrome

Learning Disability

Spina Bifida

Cerebral Palsy

Behavioral Disorder

Developmental Delay

Intellectual Disability

Services Offered

IEP Dispute Resolution - Initial Consultation

After our session, you will know what the next step is in solving your IEP dispute and what you need to prepare to take that step.

not included in subscription$500.00

1:1 Appointment

Ages 6-23Ages 6-23

1 Hour 1 Hour


DISSENT offers mediation and expert witness consultation and teaches leadership and advocacy skills to individuals and groups advocating in public school systems for children’s rights to a free appropriate public education all the way through their successful transition to adulthood.