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Comprehensive Reading Evaluation

At the Stretch & Catch Reading Center, our goal is to teach each child at their instructional level. In order to create an individual literacy plan for your child's success; we must first evaluate your child's literacy with a virtual one-on-one individual assessment. This evaluation is a one-time fee for students who continue year-round at the Stretch & Catch® Reading Center. After our Initial Literacy Evaluation, each parent will receive a report explaining every aspect of where their child's instructional literacy levels are, as well as, the literacy plan for the Stretch & Catch Reading Center.

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Stretch & Catch® Reading Center is a results driven reading center with a proprietary method of teaching reading to all children at all reading levels. We believe all children have the right and ability to learn to read. Stretch & Catch® Reading Center specializes in teaching reading at each child's instructional level from preschool through middle school, including children with dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism, selective mutism, down syndrome, as well as children who are gifted and everyone in-between.