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As the mother of an autistic kiddo with extreme sensory needs, I find creative solutions and find joy in every aspect of parenting.


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Creative and tasty meal prep ideas and recipes to add nutrition to foods without sensory triggers

Learn how to include nutritious ingredients with minimal sensory triggers into recipes to get your child with sensory issues to eat them

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As the mother of two kiddos, my little Fox with ASD and my Squirrel whose giftedness was original mistaken for ADHD, I find creative solutions to help me enjoy every aspect of parenting. My little Fox has extreme sensory needs with some type of dysfunction in every sensory system. Because of being overly emotionally sensitive my child failed ASD diagnosis by early intervention services and was finally diagnosed with PDD-NOS (an ASD spectrum disorder) at the age of 5. From 6 months old when I noticed my little Fox just did things in a very unique way that set off some red flags while being told by experts “all children develop at their own pace and I shouldn’t be worried”, I began researching neurological development and neuro-diversity in children. I also continued my love of cooking and baking by trying to find new and interesting ways to add nutritional benefits to food my Fox would eat to overcome some oral defensiveness and texture issues. My Squirrel was an early talker, reader and writer with an insatiable appetite for information. After Montessori preschool to public school to a year of private elementary we found homeschooling fit the needs of our uniquely minded Squirrel best. Because of some wonderful special needs parents and homeschooling parents I met along the way I was able to obtain the help I needed to be the best parent I could be. I hope to be able to pay this special gift forward by sharing what I have learned so far and continue to learn every day.