Patty Cordova, VitalExpert Behavioral Specialist

Patty Cordova, VitalExpert Behavioral Specialist, assists parents with specific early childhood development behavioral issues.


1:1 Consults

Age Ranges Served



BCaBA, BA Psychology, MA in Special Education with emphasis on ABA

Experience with Conditions

Baby Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

Services Offered

Talk to a specialist about helping your child when your child is excessively shy or clingy.

Discuss with a behavior specialist when your child is excessively shy or clingy

1:1 Appointment
Ages 0-5
30 Minutes


Patty is a Mom, Behavioral Specialist, and a Parent Coach. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She is passionate about working with parents and children. Patty uses her knowledge and expertise to help parents implement intervention activities, monitor the development of children, and also provide parents with the knowledge they need to care for their children.