Dr. Emily Smith

Hi! I am a special education professional who works with children of all ages. I specialize in all things IEP, ARD, classroom and evaluation related.


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Special Educator

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Special Education, Elementary Education K-8, Child Find, Special Education Administration, Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Intellectual Disability

Learning Disability

Developmental Delay

Behavioral Disorder

Down Syndrome

Spina Bifida

Brain Injury

Baby Developmental Delay

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Dr. Emily Smith

Has your child recently been evaluated for Special Education? Are you confused about what the results show or simply don't understand the process? During this session, I will take time to decipher and explain the sections of your child's evaluation. We will spend time discussing your questions and concerns as well as the next steps in the special education process. You are not alone in this, I am happy to help!


1:1 Appointment

Ages 0-23+

30 Minutes

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I am a special education professional with over 20 years experience in all levels of special education. I enjoy assisting families in getting their child's needs met while maintaining the best possible relationship with their service providers. I strive to provide families with practical solutions and advice that anyone and everyone can implement into their lives immediately.