Dani Reichert

Dani Reichert

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As the mom of a child with unique needs, and experienced occupational therapy assistant, I will work with you to put the 'fun' in function, affordably

1:1 Consults
1:1 Consults
Experienced parent
Experienced parent


30 Minute virtual OT consultation

If you are looking for additonal support for your child at home, set an appointment with me via Google Meets or Zoom. We can also chat on the phone if that works for you. If you like what I have to offer we can set up scheduled appointments going forward to work through some strategies. I'd love to help!


After Graduation~ Let's Talk About Transitioning

Graduating from high school is a huge step for any child, never mind those with unique needs. What happens when your kid is the kid who was always on the "cusp" or "borderline?" Not severe enough for the 18-21 yr. old program, but not ready to navigate this world without support. If this sounds like your child, then chances are you struggled just like me. Let's talk about how I may be able to help you navigate the next phase of your child's life. I am here to help you with this complicated process. There's a lot to learn and it never ends!


Dani's OT Home Activities Group

We discuss fun at-home activities for your child that are accessible & affordable while providing therapeutic benefits for your child


Let's Chat! Ask me about practical occupational therapy

From pre-school to transition, I will provide you my unique perspectives and practical tips as a professional school based OT and as a mom having raised a wonderful daughter with unique needs. We can explore ideas and strategies together. How can I help you?


Years of Experience


Age Ranges

Preschool (4 - 5)

Pre-teen (6 - 12)

Transition (18 - 23)

Teen (13 - 19)

Adult age (23+)


Associates in Science - Occupational Therapy Assistant, BA- Health Care Studies, Certificate in Assistive Technology Applications from California State University, NBCOT, ConnOTA, AOTA, NAMI, Psychological First Aid

Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intellectual Disability

Down Syndrome

Healthy Mind and Body

Cerebral Palsy

Expertise Areas

Developmental Delay

Intellectual Disability

Learning Disability

Mental Health Issues


Sensory Issues


Alternative Therapies


Hi! I'm an occupational therapy professional with 15 years of experience servicing children ages 3-21 in the public school system. My specializations include: assistive technology, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, although I service children with a variety of special needs and disabilities. My real connection into pediatrics began after we adopted our daughter from South Korea in 2001. She came to us with unique needs at about 1 1/2 yrs old (she's now 21) and I've been advocating for her ever since. I have years of experience attending PPT's and 504 meetings while wearing two hats: one of a parent advocating for her child and one as a professional advocating for students. My passion is being able to help children navigate their world by learning through play using easily accessible and inexpensive items (I love the Dollar Store!) or out in nature. By creating safe and meaningful therapeutic activities while thinking "out of the box" helps keep it fun and engaging! I strive to help children become more independent in all areas of their life, from Preschool to High School, and transition skills into the community. Lets put the "Fun" in "Function" together!

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