Claire and Lauren at The Inspired Treehouse

We are pediatric occupational and physical therapists helping kids build strong bodies and minds through play!


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Make the Most Out of Your School Based OT and PT Services.

Claire and Lauren at The Inspired Treehouse

Do you have questions about how educationally based services work and what your child’s physical or occupational therapy sessions will look like at school? We can help! 30 minute video chat with our experienced pediatric occupational and physical therapy team.



Ages 6-23

30 Minutes


At The Inspired Treehouse, our passion is teaching parents, caregivers, professionals, and kids about the power of play! In 2013, we launched our blog to share activity ideas and information with parents and professionals to help them navigate common developmental issues that come up for kids. Since then, The Inspired Treehouse has become one of the most popular online platforms for therapists, teachers, and parents all over the world who are looking for information and activities to support healthy development in their kids. Our site also offers an online shop full of ebooks, courses, printables and more! Inspired by the success of our online business, we opened a non-profit organization in 2017 called The Treehouse. In our storefront space just outside of Cleveland, we offer low-cost developmental play groups led by pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Our passion is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to engage in structured play experiences regardless of their ability level or their family’s income. We now serve more than 300 families in the Cleveland area, providing play groups, events, and support to parents/caregivers. Do you have general questions or concerns about your child's development? Check out our site for information on all kinds of developmental skills for kids! Looking to support developmental skills in your child from the comfort of your home? We offer therapist-led virtual play groups - email us for more information.