Arron Preston, VitalExpert Speech Specialist

Arron Preston, VitalExpert Speech Specialist, assists parents with specific early childhood development speech and language issues.


Age Ranges Served



BS in Psychology and MS in Communication Sciences & Disorders

Experience with Conditions

Baby Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

Services Offered

Talk to a specialist about helping your child with stuttering or stammering

Discuss with an experienced speech specialist how to help your child with stuttering or stammering

1:1 Appointment
Ages 0-5
30 Minutes


Arron is an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in Public Speaking, Early Intervention, Teaching, Higher Education, and Speech Therapy. Arron has a strong education professional background with a Master's degree focused in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Texas Woman's University.