Kijia with Ali Hively [Caregiver Support]


Supporting you, the caregiver, in building lifestyle habits that save time and energy so you can find more joy in your day to day life.

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Kijia Menu Plan

Join this group for a weekly menu plan and recipes to take something off your plate and support you and your family in healthy eating and wellness!


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Adult age (23+)

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Healthy Mind and Body

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Caregiver Sentiment




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Weight Loss Issues



Building lifestyle habits around nutrition, movement, sleep, mindset, and positive energy you can feel better in your body and mind. Caregivers often put themselves last on their list, causing them to feel exhausted and drained from the many demands of life. Kijia means path in Swahili and our mission is to help you move forward on your path to taking better care of YOU! Research shows when the caregiver is healthy, everyone they care for is better off. We know it is hard to make yourself a priority when you have so much on your plate but we are dedicated to helping you see that when you take care of yourself, you are able to better care for everyone else. You deserve support in building lifestyle habits (think nutrition, sleep, emotional processing, movement, your environment) that really feel good and save you time and energy.


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