Allyson Owen

occupational therapy

I am an OT who is passionate about helping your kids and your families reach their ultimate potential across all areas of life.

1:1 Consults


Detox Your Cabinets (20 minutes)

Decreasing our toxic burden can do wonders for our health. I feel like a new person since cutting many environmental toxins out of my life, and I want to help others feel the same! Let's chat about common heavy hitters in the home (i.e. unfiltered water, soaps, candles, air fresheners, personal care products, cleaning products, cookware, etc.) and about ways to make safer swaps in order to decrease your toxic load.


Holistic Nutrition Consultation (30 minutes)

Are you struggling to get your picky eater to eat a variety of nutrients? Are you, as a parent, struggling to know which foods are most nutritious for your kiddos? I'm passionate about holistic nutrition and fueling our bodies with the nutrients that help us thrive, so I am here for you to discuss options based on your specific needs in your personal budget!


Meeting Milestones (30 minutes)

If you feel confused by what developmental milestones your baby 'should' reach and when, or if you'd like some tips on how to help facilitate certain movements, I'm here to provide easy strategies that you can work into your everyday lives!


Sugar-proof Your Kids (30 minutes)

Meet with me to figure out how to protect your kids from the negative cascade of effects sugar (both natural and artificial) can have on their little bodies.


Supporting the 4th Trimester (30 minutes)

New mommas, let's talk about your new occupational role of motherhood and how you can best settle into being a new mother.


Years of Experience


Age Ranges

Early intervention (0 - 3)

Preschool (4 - 5)

Pre-teen (6 - 12)

Teen (13 - 19)

Transition (18 - 23)

Adult age (23+)


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Promotion, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, OTR/L

Experience with Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intellectual Disability

Healthy Mind and Body

Expertise Areas

Digestive issues

Developmental Delay

Eating Disorder

Mental Health Issues

Metabolic Issues


Physical Challenges

Puberty or Sexual Issues


Sensory Issues

Sleep Issues

Social Issues

Toileting or Hygiene Problems

Weight Loss Issues




Mild Behavioral Issues

Patient or Caregiver Support

Sensory Impairment


I love being an occupational therapist and helping people reach their ultimate potential! I am passionate about areas of occupation that affect health and wellness, such as nutrition, sleep, hormone balance, and engagement in meaningful activities. I am currently going through a certification to be of service to women pre- and post-partum because I love supporting women during the fourth trimester as they adapt to their new occupational role of motherhood. My clinical experience has spanned a wide range of ages, as I have worked in both outpatient pediatrics and geriatrics, and I love working with all ages. I look forward to working with you to empower you and/or your child(ren) to be the driver of your health and wellness!


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